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01: UK-Scandinavia
02: France
03: Spain-Portugal
04: Andalucia off-road
05: Morocco: Fes/Marrakech
06: Morocco: Atlas/Sahara Safari
07: Gibraltar, Switzerland, Italy
08: Turkey
09: Syria
10: Jordan
11: Iran
12: Pakistan
13: India
14: Philippines

Special Features:
Kirsten writes about exploring the Middle East

Kirsten's dispatch about her Indian adventure

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Current Status:
Back home in Seattle as of 1 August 2001

London Bombay Cebu - The Journey

Some say we're a bit crazy and reckless for attempting this trip. After all, we have a wonderful family and live a comfortable life in a nice Seattle suburb. But perhaps it's just that comfortable life from which we need a break. A chance to reboot, get our life bearings, put things into perspective. A good friend of mine calls this "getting out of the comfort zone". It takes determination. Even inveterate travelers like us have mixed feelings about leaving home for new and unknown places. But that ambiguity quickly dissipates once the excitement of the road sets in!

Tomorrow, we set off from Seattle to London to begin a year long journey that will take us from London to the island of Cebu in the Philippines, through Europe, North Africa, and Asia. Traveling overland in a specially prepared Land Rover, we will share an experience of a lifetime, the dangers and uncertainties of overland travel, and the thrill of discovery in some of the world's most mysterious and volatile regions.

Those of you who know us won't be surprised that we're carrying an array of tools to generate media along the way. We'll be sending dispatches that include stories, streaming videos, immersive surround images, and audio.

I invite you to travel with our family this year and share our experience through our digital media dispatches here on Please have a look at the route map, which shows our planned route. Please feel free to send us comments and questions directly to us at We look forward to seeing you on the 'net!

Jim, Karin, Kirsten, and Connor Laurel
Seattle, Washington, USA
September 23, 2000

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