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[spectâre, Latin: to look at , see, contemplate, watch]

Long ago, the great pictorial magazines such as Life, gave us compelling, in-depth documentary photojournalism using the hot technology of the day: the photograph. Sadly, all but a few of these publications have been lost to downsizing, wire services, stock agencies, and the television juggernaut. There are precious few publications left that still deliver original, thought-provoking pictorial essays.

Today's Internet technology makes it possible for documentarians and story tellers to continue this great tradition. The web shatters the distribution barrier, making it possible for anyone with a simple digital video camera to deploy a story globally. These technologies will drive the democratization of the news and entertainment industries. Read more about the Internet's impact on the television industry in our technology article, The Future of Television in a streaming World.

Our mission is to establish a new standard for cyberjournalism with material created from the ground-up for the Web, not repurposed from mainstream television, or pasted together by an editor using stock or wire photos. Using the latest digital video, and immersive imaging technologies, spectare is bringing back the picture story with a modern twist.

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